892E9A4F 226E 46CF A592 0009584629AA 300x200 - There’s a frustrating space that exists as an entrepreneur...There’s a frustrating space that exists as an entrepreneur

That is between $5k – $10k a month.

This is the place that you are working too hard to do all the things required, and things are slipping through the cracks, but you can’t quite yet afford to hire other people to delegate to.

Professionals who are within your price range are not as high quality as you’d like.

And professionals who are at the quality level you crave are wayyyyyy out of your price range.

So you have to take courses to learn how to do everything yourself, in the zero time you have available and then in the rest of the zero time, you have to implement the things you have learned.

There’s a squeeze that feels impossible to bridge.

On the other side of that though, things are amazing!!!

How to help people get to the other side though, before they either burn out or quit?

This is not a problem I have bandwidth to find a solution for. Can someone else pick this up?

How do you help bridge the gap between $5k and $10k without burnout?

There HAS to be an easy, effortless way. Maybe you just skip it? That’s what my clients do anyway. 🤔