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Emotional Intelligence has been proved to be one of the biggest factors in career and relationship success. In fact, every point increase in EQ adds approximately $1,300 to your annual income, according to “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves. Find out where you score in your EQ! Answer the way you would actually respond, not what you think the “right” answer is.

Mom, Healer and Transformational Strategist.

When I first started my journey as a healer, I spent thousands of dollars on my education, healers of all kinds (including traditional therapists), and living on three different continents. I have spent thousands of hours reading books, attending seminars and watching videos learning different healing techniques. I have spent thousands of energy units on healing myself, learning and creating techniques in order to translate that healing to others.

I believe that everyone should be free from the burdens of negative emotional trauma (including anxiety and depression) to live their best life now! I commit all my time to making that a reality.


Testimonials About Abi

"I came to Abi with depression and a broken career. Utilizing counseling and hypnotherapy, I am feeling so good and have started a successful business. I am excited about what lies ahead." - Robert B.

I absolutely love what I do, and I’m honored to have received
world-class recognition for it from industry leaders.

Voted Best Hypnotherapist in LA
Thumbtack for Professionals
2015 & 2016

Junior Chamber of Commerce, SCV
Forty Under 40

Best Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles
The Daily News
2016 & 2017

Ultimate Young Entrepreneur
Elite Ultimate Ladies in Business

Director’s Award
HMI, College of Hypnotherapy

Honoree of Perseverance
Single Mother’s Outreach

Best Hypnotherapist in Santa Clarita
The Signal Newspaper
2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Clinical Award
HMI, College of Hypnotherapy

Experience Emotional Freedom, Receive Empowerment Guidance
and Gain Explosive Confidence

“Abi is terrific! I am so grateful to have found her weight loss program. I am new to the program and I already know that this will work. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. She is guiding you to finding what is best for you and gives you lots of tools to follow through. Let’s face it, we all know how to lose weight at least for a short time. Abi’s program teaches you how to make permanent changes to lifestyle so that you never have to diet again. The freedom this has brought (along with positive results) has been life-changing. Abi uses hypnosis to make changes to the automatic programming we unknowingly carry around and mindlessly obey. Her office is so comfortable and she is a master at creating a loving, safe environment. If you are looking to lose excess weight for good, and love yourself, give Abi a call. I don’t regret it and highly recommend her.” – Donna W.

“I came to Abi with depression and a broken career. Utilizing counselling and hypnotherapy, I am feeling so good and have started a successful business. I am excited about what lies ahead.” – Robert B.

“I can’t say enough good things about Abi and her hypnosis services. She was able to change a rotten relationship I had with food to a relationship made of respect. Also she was able to help me release past hurts, bad habits and hang ups. I now have a growing business and I am able to remain productive on a daily basis and I am less worried about what people think of me and I no longer try to isolate myself. The universe put you in my life at just the right time!” – Lisa S.

“I have been going to Abi for a few years now and the results have been mind-blowing. Not only is she very soothing and comforting, she is also very knowledgeable. I’ve been to all types of therapies and her hypnotherapy is by far the best! Since seeing her, I have improved my career, increased my income, been in a long-term loving relationship and have learned to nurture myself. Stay open and relaxed. She will do the rest!” – Victoria V.

“I went to my first hypnotherapy session ever with Abi. She takes the time to educate you on how it all works. It was an emotional session, but healing and I would recommend her to anyone.” – Efi L.

“That Abi Levine making people’s day, all day every day as she touches hearts and minds. I don’t think I ever said how grateful I was to have had those experiences with her. So thank you Abi” – Portia F.

“We’ve all seen the comedic hypnotists and laughed at the antics. With Abi you get the no-nonsense, knowledgeable person. She knows how to help you achieve your goals be it’s for weight loss or other situations. She is a talented and caring professional.” – Ellen W.

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