931A5ED0 C0D2 43EA BDBD E40709A42CE5 200x300 - Are you pouring from an empty cup?

There’s a lot of push/pull energy

Hurry up to get stopped in your tracks

Slow down to speed up

Let’s get moving so we can take our time

And, let’s be real, it can be frustrating as ALL get out.

Just know that if you’re feeling this, you are 100% tapped into universal energies.

The time for the jump is coming.

We are lining up on the starting block and the starting pistol is firing a couple of false starts.

Do you have all your ducks in a row?

How is your foundation?

How are you doing with emotional outbursts? Are you feeling them and letting them pass through in a healthy respectful way? Or are you still shoving them down?

Are you practicing serving from a full cup throughout the day or are you STILL letting yourself get depleted. (That isn’t going to fix itself by the way)

Some key things need to be in place before we are launched into this time of massive action.

Get yourself ready. You still have a few more weeks, but the clock is ticking.

Shit’s about to get crazy up in here. 💜