38 things post 200x300 - 38 things I’ve learned with making almost half a million dollars in sales so far in 2020

38 things I’ve learned with making almost half a million dollars in sales so far in 2020

(as a single mom in the coaching industry, coming from a background of abuse, homelessness, foster care and poverty)
1) Scott (my business coach) was right, there is surprisingly little money in the bank
2) You will always naturally adjust to spending more money on your business if you aren’t constantly SUPER intentional about keeping the costs down and slashing places where you are money leaking
3) People will think you’re a lot richer than you actually are
4) People you don’t know and have never met will send you messages asking you for money. (Let’s see how many messages I get after this post)
5) You can’t fix any of your problems with money. You have to do the work, set the boundaries, clear the traumas, heal the wounds for happiness to exist within that space
6) It’s possible to make up to a certain threshold (you will know it because you keep hitting against it) but not past it until you deal with your fears and limiting beliefs
7) It’s possible to make massive quantum leaps skipping a ton of steps in between
8 ) Never, ever, ever, ever spend more money than you make. This is a habit that will keep you out of anxiety FOREVER! I don’t care if you’re spending it on business, marketing, coaching, WHATEVER. Follow this rule blindly.
9) It doesn’t have to be systematic growth
10) It’s possible to do it effortlessly
11) You don’t have to work 16 hr days to do it
12) You don’t have to sacrifice time with family to do it
13) You can do it without ever making one sales related post or phone call. I don’t sell
14) There’s no amount of free content you can give away that can compromise the value of your offer
15) You can do it working 3.5 days a week
16) You can do it while picking your kid up every day from school (which is much easier now since I don’t have to leave the house 🤣🤣🤣 #QTJoke)
17) You can do it without spending a ton of money on ads. I spent less than $500 to do that
18) You can do it without having to take out loans, borrow money, fundraise or get investors
19) You can do it without having family around you to help you out
20) You can do it and still be completely authentic to yourself
21) You can do it while allowing every (and I mean EVERY) decision to be based on intuition.
22) It’s not possible to do it without maintaining SUPER FIRM boundaries around your time and energy
23) You have to protect your evenings and weekends.
24) You can do it while having a spa day every week
25) You can do it with ONE part time VA (and no other staff)
26) There will come a time when you will HAVE to put skin (aka money) into your growth. Can’t do it for free. The universe won’t allow it (I’ve invested $100k in coaching and healing so far during the last 6 years)
27) There is such a thing as giving too much time & energy away – and if you do, the universe will block your flow
28) The universe’s plan for you is far grander than you or I ever could have imagined. It’s best if you just get out of the way rather than try to control it #Surrender
29) It’s not possible to maintain and moderate energy that is coming from someone negative (or a source like social media and the news) and still be in effortless flow, grace and ease
30) Everything works much more efficiently if you zone in and focus on one thing until it is complete and then pivot to the next thing
31) No matter how much momentum you have you still can’t force things to happen before their time (oh and you’re still susceptible to the same credit repair timeline that everyone else is 🙄) #IWantMyHouse #HomelessnessKilledMyCredit #GoFigure
32) Once you learn the different tools, systems and processes, the only thing that will be able to tell you the correct way to piece all those things together is your intuition. Shut up and listen. No one knows your business and your life better than you do.
33) No one else’s system will work verbatim in your own business. You have to take what feels right and ditch the rest. No matter how much money someone else has made, take what they are saying with a pinch of salt.
34) You don’t need most of the overcomplicated shit you are told that you need or to spend hours and hours creating it. Intuition will take you on the most effortless journey, including ditching things like business cards, complicated funnels and websites.
35) It is very hard to make it work if the people in your immediate surroundings are unsupportive. If you have unsupportive people around you, you need to constantly distance yourself to have forward movement (we’re not talking about blowing anything up here… just find a safe space for yourself to dream, connect and get creative)
36) Accountability is key. Having a community of like minded people and someone you trust and respect to guide you is VITAL. Not just important…. VITAL!
37) It won’t happen without the inner work, because it will never be enough and contentment will always elude you.
38) You can be deeply in your feminine and still do it!