Felicia 300x300 - 2020 Wins ~ Felicia's Story
2020 WINS Letting go of her past, allowed her to have some of the happiest and most prosperous moments of 2020 ~ Felicia’s Story
“My biggest wins are emotional breakthroughs that I need in order to move out of my way. I have a lot of energy, good intentions, and kindness. But when it comes to my own emotional well being, I cage myself and fear seems to be the guard.
My biggest breakthroughs are the times that Abi helped me release the mental traps that keep me from success. Keep me from living a free and happy life. I tend to go inside my shell when I don’t feel I am worthy. I am not one of her best students at all. In fact, I am not showing up at all. Why? I’m still working on that…. however
Releasing emotional (let’s call them bullshit) has helped me have some of my best months. Not just sales, but gaining more confidence. I don’t acknowledge how much I’ve been through and so I won’t acknowledge how much it’s broken my spirit.
So my win- letting go of past that was holding me down from believing and loving myself. The more I learn to love myself, the more I feel like I’m complete. Like the holes in me are filling in with warm and wonderful parts so that the beauty of me will not have any dim areas.”
What a gorgeous share, Felicia. Thank you so much for sharing some parts of your beautiful, courageous story with us ❤