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I have a theory.

My theory is that the universe wants us to have everything we want and that it’s literally waiting to give it to us.

All we have to do is get out of the way.

Things it wants us to have:

– A mission and purpose that is deeply moving and completely activating, that sets our soul on fire
– Our divine fortune (the amount of money that was set aside for us to live a life off ease and flow and fulfill our mission)
– All the love and support we could need and want
– All the lessons and experiences we need to take us to our greatest expansion of self

AND I believe it wants us to have it with the least amount of effort, struggle and toil possible. With the highest enjoyment, the maximum amount of laughter, and the most serene bliss.

Outlandish beliefs I know. 😆

But every day, I’m proven time and time again that I’m right.

With each new testimonial

With each new radically changed life

With each new comment of gratitude and appreciation for being the guide

I’m more and more certain that I’m right.

Quantum Wealth Alchemy is my experiment with a group of people to prove this theory right (and as you may have seen, the results are astonishing)

No Hustle Millionaire is a way I can work 1:1 with my clients with a similar structure for the same outcome, but catered to the individual.

And I just have to say… it’s so much fucking fun! 🥰😆

I say: As long as it’s not specifically causing someone intentional harm, have your cake and eat it too. And then have some more of a different cake. And repeat that times infinity. 💫