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Get the breakthrough you need to to experience complete emotional freedom.

1 on 1 coaching with Abi Levine

Along with EQS membership access, you will also receive weekly one-on-one coaching for 12 weeks to create a laser-like focus on your growth.

The single most beneficial aspect of this program is that it is personally tailored for you, to locate and remove the exact things that are standing in the way of living your best life, and a highly detailed plan for moving in the direction of your “BEST” self.

Using techniques such as hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Cognitive Therapy, Positive Psychology and Timeline Therapy, we will co-create your new, liberated self.

This program comes with personal, mid-week check-in calls, free tickets to my events with front-row seating, and many other exclusive gifts and freebies. EQS Elite is not for everyone, but it may be for you!

Emotional Intelligence Society Online Courses Abi Levine

Want more energy, more focus and motivation, the ability to receive more abundance from the universe, happy and healthy relationships, a thriving business, more peace and less conflict, less fear and more overall well-being?

In this live online course, I will personally teach you my 12 modules, taking you from where you are now, to living as the most confident and grounded version of yourself. Let’s face it, some of us need real-time communication to internalize a lesson. Some of us need a little accountability, joining in with a group who is working on the same goals, taking notice of our needs and presence.

If you want the opportunity to ask me questions directly, the ability to focus on personal challenges, and the access to weekly telephone call to brainstorm solutions to blocks in growth, then EQS Live Online is the program for you.

Emotional Intelligence Society Membership with Abi Levine

Everyone deserves a chance to be happy and carefree.

That’s why I created my step-by-step program that gives each person access to emotional freedom and becoming the most CONFIDENT version of themselves.

It took me years and thousands of dollars to master the techniques I will be teaching you to release past traumas, break through financial or relationship blocks and develop a sanctuary of serenity around you.

If you want constant, any-time access to peace, calm and relaxation along with frequently updated information on being your BEST and MOST CONFIDENT self, this EQS Membership program is for you.

el 400x400 - Efi L.

“I went to my first hypnotherapy session ever with Abi. She takes the time to educate you on how it all works. It was an emotional session, but healing and I would recommend her to anyone.” – Efi L.

vv 400x400 - Victoria V

“I have been going to Abi for a few years now and the results have been mind-blowing. Not only is she very soothing and comforting, she is also very knowledgeable. I’ve been to all types of therapies and her hypnotherapy is by far the best! Since seeing her, I have improved my career, increased my income, been in a long-term loving relationship and have learned to nurture myself. Stay open and relaxed. She will do the rest!” – Victoria V.

ew 400x400 - Ellen W.

“We’ve all seen the comedic hypnotists and laughed at the antics. With Abi you get the no-nonsense, knowledgeable person. She knows how to help you achieve your goals be it’s for weight loss or other situations. She is a talented and caring professional.” – Ellen W.

ls 400x400 - Lisa S.

“I can’t say enough good things about Abi and her hypnosis services. She was able to change a rotten relationship I had with food to a relationship made of respect. Also she was able to help me release past hurts, bad habits and hang ups. I now have a growing business and I am able to remain productive on a daily basis and I am less worried about what people think of me and I no longer try to isolate myself. The universe put you in my life at just the right time!” – Lisa S.

dw 400x400 - Donna W.

“Abi is terrific! I am so grateful to have found her weight loss program. I am new to the program and I already know that this will work. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. She is guiding you to finding what is best for you and gives you lots of tools to follow through. Let’s face it, we all know how to lose weight at least for a short time. Abi’s program teaches you how to make permanent changes to lifestyle so that you never have to diet again. The freedom this has brought (along with positive results) has been life-changing. Abi uses hypnosis to make changes to the automatic programming we unknowingly carry around and mindlessly obey. Her office is so comfortable and she is a master at creating a loving, safe environment. If you are looking to lose excess weight for good, and love yourself, give Abi a call. I don’t regret it and highly recommend her.” – Donna W.

rb 400x400 - Robert B.

“I came to Abi with depression and a broken career. Utilizing counselling and hypnotherapy, I am feeling so good and have started a successful business. I am excited about what lies ahead.” – Robert B.

pf 400x400 - Portia F.

“That Abi Levine making people’s day, all day every day as she touches hearts and minds. I don’t think I ever said how grateful I was to have had those experiences with her. So thank you Abi” – Portia F.

Testimonials About Abi

"I came to Abi with depression and a broken career. Utilizing counseling and hypnotherapy, I am feeling so good and have started a successful business. I am excited about what lies ahead." - Robert B.

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