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This has been a tough year to be a mother.

Maybe not the toughest that you’ve ever experienced, but as far as:
– Your patience requirement
– Your ability to adapt
– Your fluidity with changing information
– Managing tempers, tantrums, frustrations, expectations and transitions
– Doing everything you did before but with zero time to get it done
– Taking time for yourself (of which there is relatively little if any at all)
– Your desire to keep everything together at all costs
– Your disappointments
– The disappointments in your babies that are totally out of your hands
– And every time you’ve thrown your hands up in the air and exclaimed “I can’t take this anymore”, only to keep going anyway because that’s all there is to it
This shit has grown you as a person, as a mother, as a partner, as a friend, as a business owner
And what I’m MOST proud of you for, is that at every single turn… no matter how you felt, no matter how hopeless everything seemed, no matter how much you wanted to run away to Sweden (because they never went into QT 😆), you got up every single day to do it all again. And you’ll keep doing it.
Because THAT is how much you love (and also, because the borders are still closed 😆😆😆)
Your resilience against all odds, your quiet, graceful strength, your heart so big it could fit the whole world in there makes me proud to call you sister 😭
To you sister, ferocious Queen, Goddess Divine
Happy Mother’s Day 💖