Abi 6 14 300x300 - From hamster wheel to $216 K of grace… Jen’s story
I love this lady A LOT. It goes without saying that I simply adore my clients with my whole heart… and Jen is so special to me.
When we first started working together she was feeling very stuck.
She had a job that she loved, but she just KNEW she was meant for more… financially and spiritually.
She had no idea how to find her purpose, or make the jump from full time work to starting her own thing.
As the rock of her family, there were lots of other things happening on the sidelines, keeping her stressed out and exhausted, leaving her very little time or energy to figure out HOW to get to make the transition.
We worked on healing her relationship with money, helping her become a knowledgeable and fantastic steward of it. We cleared trauma and not-enoughness from her past. We released past mistakes and just cleared some space for her soul to spread its wings.
Then one day, a court case that they had been advised they probably wouldn’t win and had been fighting for over 2 years, suddenly resolved itself.
Her and her hubby got $60K in cash. He was awarded $8K in tuition fees. And medical bills of $140K were suddenly covered.
Overnight, her 3 month emergency fund was funded, allowing her the peace of mind for a smooth transition when she is ready and they were able to make a few dream purchases, along with clearing medical debt that had been drowning them with anxiety. The cherry on top was that her hubby had been wanting to take some courses and they were prepared to pay out of pocket – how amazing that they didn’t have to.
THEN a couple of weeks after this FANTASTIC news, Jen’s purpose suddenly became crystal clear. She feels lit up and excited like never before and can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.
It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made.
It doesn’t matter how broken you THINK you are.
It doesn’t matter if you have NO IDEA how to make your dreams a reality.
The great news is… you don’t have to.
All you need is a guide. And I’m right here, showing you the way to connect more deeply than you ever have to your purpose, to cosmos, to your intuition and to your infinite wealth.
If you want more info about my new program Quantum Wealth Alchemy, pop a “HELP” in the comments below and a member of my Connection & Intimacy team will connect with you and support you.
Bottom line: You deserve to live a life of ease, peace and flow.
And the world deserves the gifts you have to offer.
Let’s do this!