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What is deconstruction and why is it necessary?

When you ask the universe for something a few things are happening:

First, you are saying you are ready for more and you are making a request for more

Second, you are saying that you agree to let go of what you have, in order to get the “more” that you asked for

Third, you are agreeing to receive the “more” when it comes.

The universe always says “YES!” when we ask, but in order to deliver the thing that we asked for it has to rearrange existence to bring you that thing.

Lots of other people are involved.

Lots of other spiritual teams are involved.

Lots of things need to be shifted.

Lots of decisions need to be made that are interconnected with other people’s requests.

This… as you might imagine… takes time.

Which is why surrendering the time frame is also necessary. We get to ask for what we want, we don’t get to demand by when it must be delivered 🤷🏻‍♀️

Once everything has been planned and mapped out, the universe gets into action.

Step 1: The cleaning crew is sent in

Anything that keeps you attached to the old thing you are letting go must be removed. And I mean EVERYTHING! It could be your home, your bank account, your car, your job, your business, friendships, partnerships etc.

Everything must be cleaned.

You must get some new tools and lessons that allow you to receive the new “more”

Imagine it like this:

You have asked the universe for a mansion. The universe says YES!

It begins to build the mansion somewhere you can’t see it.

Also, it starts to clean out your apartment to decide what can go to the new home. Many many things in the apartment have dry rot, mold or termites. All of these things must be either cleaned or discarded. You can’t bring a moldy piece of furniture to the new mansion.

THIS is when the deconstruction happens. We only see our furniture being removed, our possessions being junked and the comfort of our home dissolving in front of our eyes. If we can’t stay present to the bigger picture of WHY this is happening, we can start to cling to the old, moldy stuff for fear that we will have NO furniture in the new house. Or WORSE! We will refuse to leave the apartment and start squatting in it for fear that the new mansion doesn’t exist.

Eventually, if we stay long enough, the universe will burn down the apartment building JUST to get us to move.

Do not be afraid of the deconstruction phase, dear one. It is only the first step to getting what you want. 💜