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As a product of foster care, Abi has been through everything a person possibly can. Violence, abuse, rape, homelessness and extreme poverty. She was a single mom for 7 years, and struggled to find herself and her happiness. When Abi first started her journey as a healer, she stumbled across hypnotherapy and began to study it. She soon added Nero-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Therapy and Reiki to her practice and she became addicted to healing! Through her own healing journey, she found that the techniques available were so transformational, that she started a private practice working with anyone who needed healing of a similar nature. She spent years and thousands of dollars learning, and distilled into easy-to-apply processes and techniques so she could effortlessly translate her healing to those in need, in a fraction of the time. She now spends her time in one-one-one coaching, speaking for groups, leading events, and developing ever more programs so people can finally have access to the ever-elusive peace they crave.

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“When you let something go that’s not serving you, it doesn’t create a void. It creates an opening.”

-Abi Levine

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