Savi 300x300 - 2020 Wins ~ Savi's Story

** 2020 WINS From $30K in debt to starting a successful healing business ~Savitri‘s Story**

Making money is definitely a part of life, but it certainly isn’t everything. Savi’s journey has been one of many ups and downs, and her sunny personality carried her through some very dark times, to her happy ending.
Let’s celebrate Savi’s persistence and honor her journey, reading about her experience in her own words:
“2020 was one of the most challenging and best years of my life
Last year this time I was in India one client and about nearly £30k of debt
My house was on the market with a potential buyer but the contract had not been exchanged
My ex was getting ready to travel for 5/6 months after a interesting divorce process our relationship had been really intense for 2 years
My daughter was suffering from suicidal depression, she had started self harming, she ran away a few times (11 years old), she used to rip up my stuff, she was pretty aggressive and she was being bullied at school
My son was refusing to go to school, he couldn’t say his letters and could say his numbers but didn’t know how to count
I was on my awakening journey freeing myself gradually from all the programmes/conditioning
I knew when I returned to the UK in January 2020 that I had to look after 2 children, somehow move and find a place to live and the house hadn’t exchanged, I had literally no liquid cash, my children were pretty traumatised and my ex was off
I knew in my heart that this was my responsibility
In January was the most fear I’ve ever felt around money I literally had £30 to my name and I have never felt so much despair, and then one morning I said screw this, it’s just an illusion and I spent my last £30 taking my kids to London and treating them. I got into the feelings of receiving from the universe in all ways with no doubt. That week I received £1,000.
The contract for the house exchanged just 5 days before we were supposed to move, I managed to move with relative ease and no money in my account again and with 2 traumatised children, 1 recovering from suicidal depression and 1 from autism
I had to stay in my brothers house for a whole month as I was having trouble finding somewhere to rent, it was an intense experience with family members because of underlying traumas that there was little to no interaction in the house. All I can say is that it was rapid growth 🤣
When I did find a place to rent I moved all my stuff in my car in one day, with my brothers help just to drop it into the property. I had managed to sort it all out and pack it away in the space of one day, just one week after lockdown had happened! It was divine timing at it’s best and I remember the feeling of relief and support 💖 even though I had no furniture or curtains 🤣
Long story short because that wasn’t the end of the challenge 🤣
But fast forward:
My family’s relationship with my brothers family is better than it’s ever been, was a real experience for me to heal in that environment, tell the truth, not judge and just do the work
My daughter has not self harmed in a couple of months, our relationship is sooo good now 💖, she’s smiling again, she has a great group of friends, she is starting to do well again at school, her social anxiety has greatly decreased
My son is happy going to school, and can count and add up and is learning to read slowly, his progress and happiness is amazing
My ex is in a new relationship where he was truthful about his suicidal depression right from the beginning and he now has his own place (after 10 months) 🤣 so I now have some time to myself again!
I am much stronger, happier than ever before, I have been all the way through and have still processed through those dark nights
I am a completely different person, setting loving boundaries and growing my gifts and experiences
I have helped various people, that brings warmth to my heart to know that I was able to assist them and that as a result they were taken care of
My practice group is doing phenomenally well and they have all hit their markers
My clients received amazing results although I didn’t do to much with my business as I spent most of the year working on my kids and trying to stay sane 🤣
Proud of you, sister. Keep up the good work ❤