Livon 300x300 - 2020 Wins ~ Livon's Story

**2020 WINS Following her intuition to her dreams, away from money traps ~ Livon‘s story **

Liv’s story is kind of a fantastical one, that took her a many emotional roller coasters in 2020.
When she joined Quantum Wealth Alchemy, she was already knee deep into a deal that was around $10 million that was collecting money to hand out to companies around the world, who had a focus of helping the communities.
Before she joined, her deal had turned into a $100 Million+ deal. Within 24 hours of joining, it was a $1.8 billion deal. Within another couple of weeks, it was $400 billion+.
And then something fascinating happened. As she delved into the intuition module we were doing, she started to realize there were red flags and alarm bells ringing about the people she was working with. Within a very short amount of time, she realized she didn’t want to be a part of the deal anymore…. AND BACKED OUT.
This is amazing to me for so many reasons, but the biggest one is that she was unwilling to compromise her values in order to make money. AMAZING!!!!!!!!
In her own words:
” That big money ended up getting allocated out in the end but yes to even have a chance to be putting projects forward to help fill those amounts was crazy.
As part of that I was receiving proposals for hundreds of millions worth which I decided not to pursue because something felt off with some of the people I was dealing with. Some project were oil-based which for me is a moral thing. Others had high potential for country corruption. The whole experience opened up new doors and am currently finalizing the first project for student accommodation where there is a big shortage that will earn me around £90k+ & have an impact, with more in the pipeline with people I enjoy working with & learning from 😊….
…I think QWA generally has helped me see that I wasn’t willing to compromise my values for money…. And that it can be done right 😊
What an honor to witness you making such a beautiful impact on the world, Liv. Keep up the good work! ❤ ❤ ❤